We all want to protect our loved ones and ourselves from COVID-19. As the highly anticipated vaccine becomes distributed across Middle and East Tennessee, we encourage you to create a vaccination plan so you will be informed of your eligibility and be able to make an appointment when the time is right for you.

According to the CDC, the vaccine will help prevent you from getting COVID-19 – it may even keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do contract the virus. Getting vaccinated will also help protect people around you, particularly those at increased risk for severe illness like the elderly or those that are immunocompromised.

Make your COVID-19 vaccination plan in three easy steps:

  1. Find Your Phase:

While the vaccine is in limited supply, it will be distributed to those who are at highest risk of getting the virus or becoming seriously ill first. Age group, occupation or health all factor into your eligibility for receiving vaccine.

You can find out what phase of distribution you are in here.

  1. Find Out What Phase Your County Is In: 

Vaccines are available in all 95 counties in Tennessee. Phases will vary by county.

Learn what phase your county is in here.

  1. Register for a Vaccination Appointment:

County health departments across Tennessee are now booking appointments for those who are eligible and want to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. People who are in a phase currently being vaccinated in their county can register online for an appointment time to receive a vaccination through their county health department. Some counties require a reservation by phone. All counties require an appointment in advance.

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